Swiss Fides selects rural properties in the whole of Spain, especially in areas of high growth. This has come about because of the increased popularity of the inland Spain with its wonderful climate and unparalleled views, and often locally in the wake of nearby golf course construction.

We have chosen Jumilla (Murcia Region) to be the focus of our big real estate investment as this is one of the areas of Spain with most growth potential at the moment.

There we have a stock of rural plots which are designated ready for developing with prices between 6 and 12 € per square metre depending on their exact location.

We also have rural plots with areas ranging from 10 to over 400 hectares with vines and fruit trees on which can be bought from between 1 and 6 € per square metre.

Her the minimum investment is 100,000 €, and there is a commitment to hold land between 1 and 3 years.

Once purchased, Swiss Fides can broker the resale of the property if that’s what the client wants. Right through the investment cycle Swiss Fides will support the investor, doing any necessary paperwork so that they end up turning over a healthy profit.