What do we offer

As well as having the standard skills to deal with real estate investments, we have the resources to manage the urbanisation of land (laying down utility links and road building) and to supervise any construction. We can arrange mortgages as well as do the special services detailed below.

  • Services to constructors
    Brokering the purchase of carefully selected plots to build on in the Alicante, Murcia and Almeria areas.
  • Services to investors.
    Brokering the purchase of green-field land which has been designated for construction in a town's 'General Plan' (Plan General)
    Getting permission from the 'Town Councils' (Ayuntamientos) and ’Autonomous Communities’ through the submission of 'Partial Plans' (Plan Parcial)
    Collaborating in the investment in land which is likely to increase in value in the short or medium term.
    We guarantee to the client that the real estate will be transferred over legally, in accordance with Spanish law.
  • Pension funds
    We have a stock of large-scale green-field sites ready for golf course construction, hotels, rest homes for the aged, country villas, etc… or simply to develop with us in joint-ventures up to the point where the land can be resold for a big capital gain.